anxiety about time

Lately it feels as though time is of the essence.  For some reason, we all have these inner clocks that tell us we should achieve certain goals or have specific life events by a certain age.  When those things don't end up happening by that age, we think maybe we're a failure or we get depressed -- whatever it is, we certainly think down on who we are.

What do we have this anxiety about time?

Where did this come from?

It's totally A-okay if you're not married by the time you're 27.  You're not a failure if you're not earning 6 figures by the time your 25.  No one will think less of you if you end up starting your dream job at the age of 40.  In fact, people will most likely be inspired by you.

We mentally give ourselves these harsh rules and deadlines to achieve.  But when we don't achieve those deadlines, what happens?  Nothing.  Life goes on -- we can choose to be happy or sad about it. And I don't know about you, but being happy sounds pretty awesome to me!

Let's celebrate our little accomplishments and be grateful for all that we have achieved.  Life isn't a race.  We are here to discover ourselves.  This is what makes us unique and craft our stories.  There are no 'late bloomers' to life.  There are no deadlines.  No rule book.

How about we ease up on ourselves a little?  What do you say?  Let's live life a little less rigid and a little more open.

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