It seems as though recently I just have a crazy influx of photos to share and there is never enough time to share them all!  I don't normally do posts like this, but I wanted to share some photos from recent adventures with my dear friend Sharon of Style Lullaby.

Besides her obvious beauty and talent, one of my favorite things about Sharon is that she's WAY more than just your average fashion blogger.  She has an entrepreneurial spirit and drive that inspires me in my own business and she's a model, which makes it super fun to experiment during our shoots and create content that feels more like an editorial than anything else.  Plus, as a fellow artist she has incredible respect for those that help her, photograph her, and cheer her on along her creative journey.

It's always kind of funny when you become friends with someone out of total chance.  Sharon and I met randomly online and then immediately hit it off.  It seems like there's a time, place, and a reason for all of that!

We also totally have a similar style -- boho femme.  Sometimes it's just so gosh-darn difficult for me to find models and stylists who share a similar aesthetic as me, so whenever I do find those people I just immediately fall in love.  Sharon also loves shooting in nature as much as I do, so it's literally a match made in heaven!

Venturing around LA, we've found so many of these unique and beautiful spots just by chance.  I'm always keeping an eye out for that beautiful light, but exploring the city in the spring is one of my favorite things.  All of the flowers are in bloom and exploding with color -- definitely makes photographing all that much easier!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recent photos!  Until next time...

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