a Personal Update


I wanted to share a little personal update since I basically fell off the face of my blog since the beginning of August.  Life has taken a huge transition in a good way, but it's definitely given me less time to dedicate to my written space on the interwebs.

At the beginning of August, I left the freelance world and started a job at GNARBOX!  I'm insanely ecstatic about it and my personal mental health has taken crazy leaps forward since beginning this job.  I'm literally over-the-moon about working at GNARBOX, especially since I backed them on Kickstarter 2 years ago.  Life has somehow come full circle and now I'm working there and utilizing my photography within the team.  I still have moments where I look back and think, "Oh my goodness, HOW did this happen in life?"

It's been one of those jobs where I utilize pretty much every interest I've ever had in life: graphic design, photography, filmmaking, blogging, etc.  Plus, working at a startup has always been my dream and it's so worth it.

Although I'm jumping for joy, I'm in a little bit of a pickle trying to figure out how to find personal time to devote to my blog.  So please bear with me as posts will probably be a bit sporadic while I adjust to my newly structured life!  

If anyone has any tips and tricks they want to share with me, then go for it!

2016 Favorites

2016 Favorites

I never used to be really into reflecting at the end of the year.  Mainly because I always think we do the best that we can during the year and to harp on what we learned or could have changed can sometimes feel redundant.  But this year, something inside my brain matured a bit more and I realized that reflection can be seen as a positive thing if you want it to.