unveiling natural beauty

We live in a society where wearing makeup has become the norm.  You're expected to paint your eyelashes, line your eyelids, and powder your cheeks.  And even if it weren't expected, makeup has become a sort-of crutch - something that makes us feel a certain way; more beautiful, powerful, or confident.  It's so interesting how much weight it carries, isn't it?

I only started wearing makeup maybe four or five years ago.  My friends would get me ready for events and eventually they bought me mascara and eyeliner; slowly teaching me how to apply each.  To this day, I'm still no beauty expert.  I struggle doing anything beyond the basics, but I've learned to appreciate the art and technique that goes into it all.

There are some incredible looks that people are able to achieve!  But, despite the many products and tools, there is still no look I love more than natural beauty.  Every woman's face is different and whether she feels comfortable in her own skin or not, she is beautiful.  Being a photographer has certainly made me realize that.

Makeup artist Cat Sherwin and I teamed up recently to explore the subtleties of natural beauty.  Enjoy our soft and romantic take...

How do you feel about natural beauty?  Do you frequent days without makeup?  How does makeup make you feel?

A huge thank you to our wonderful team on this shoot:

Model - Impy of NEXT Models LA
H&MU - Cat Sherwin
Photography - Marlena Pearl