This is What January Looked Like

It's been raining a lot this month.  Like A LOT.  Depending on where you're from " a lot" can be subjective, but for us Southern California folk, a heavy rain 4-7 times a month is a heck of a lot.  In fact, one day of a heavy downpour is just bonkers.  As I'm writing this, I'm in the midst of an unexpected day off thanks to these crazy showers we're experiencing.  Our state needs this rain more than anything, but the trouble is that LA's infrastructure isn't meant to handle it.  The roads are deteriorating, there's landslides, flooding, traffic is even more of a gridlock than usual, accidents are happening everywhere you turn, and driving at night is like trying to see in the dark.

On the flip side, the pitter-patter of rain outside is the most calming sound I've experienced this month.  Life is hectic and crazy.  We don't stop to listen to our world when we're wrapped up in a go-go-go mentality.  But the sound of rain makes everyone in this city stop.

In lieu of my New Years Resolutions, I decided to start a personal photo project called "what ____ looked like" and document each month in this way and share it here at the end of the month.  So this is what January looked like from my eyes.  It started in snowy New Hampshire with family, followed by the return to reality in Los Angeles.  I noticed I never document work and seem to only document personal time.  Not that it's a good or bad thing, it's more of just an observation.  I also want to take a moment each month to document progress on different aspects of my resolutions to help keep myself accountable (aside from my personal journal).

Started reading: "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss
New creative endeavor: hand lettering / fauxligraphy
Adventured to: Debs Park hike, Golden Road Brewery, Firestone Walker - The Propagator, new un-named hike in Griffith Park
Experienced for the first time: oysters, Spanish white wine

Anyway, here's an array of things that touched me in some way this month; snowy days, rainy days, a visit to an alpaca farm, my darling bunny, learning fauxligraphy, new hikes, and more.