This is what February Looked Like


That's the sound of February flying right by.  Rightfully so because the poor month doesn't get a full 30-days for us to enjoy.

As I was doing my monthly review of February in my personal journal, I could hardly remember anything I had done.  For starters, there was one main thing that fogged my mind from ever remembering what had happened during the month: 

Jesse and I got engaged!

Pretty exciting :)  Now we've got a wedding to plan and I'll have to take healthy doses of deep breaths to get myself through all the stressful decision making that needs to be done.

The rest of the month, or what I can remember, was just non-stop busy.  I feel like I worked 24/7 without a morsel of personal time other than the weekend we got engaged.  We managed to take one local hike (though it was more of a stroll) in the foggy weather, but as far as accomplishing New Years goals, this month was quite dull.

...Other than our trip to Yosemite (where we got engaged).  The weather was stunning and there was snow everywhere!  The notorious Firefalls never came out to play, but we were so distracted by the gorgeous clouds and the new diamond on my finger to care.

Currently reading: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
Adventured to: Franklin Canyon (my fave inner-city park), Yosemite National Park
Experienced for the first time: wearing a ring that actually fits!

Anyway, here's an array of things that touched me in some way this month; stunning weather, the great outdoors, saying "yes" to my love, and more.