The Story

I've really been hung up on the story lately.  You know when you're scrolling through your Instagram feed and think, "that's pretty", continue scrolling, "that's nice", continue scrolling... and it keeps going on and on?  I'm finding that I'm far more interested in the who, what, where and why behind an image than just simply seeing something "pretty".  I touched on this briefly in my post a few weeks ago because taking the month of September off gave me a chance to step back and realize this.

Photography is more than just taking a pretty photo.  It's about telling a story and sharing your vision with people.  I've realized it's not enough to just share a photo.  What makes the photo special is the journey that occurred before or after the photo.  I'm not going to say every photo I've ever taken has the most prolific story because that's far from true.  But surely every story, no matter how ordinary or mundane, is what makes it special.

Maybe it's the mood you were in, the feelings you were experiencing, the wind slapping your face so hard that you couldn't stop laughing.  Photos capture those feelings for us, like a treasure chest full of memories and emotions.  But if you don't tell the story with the photo, the photo loses part of its strength.

This all made me realize I don't share nearly enough stories.  I just share the photos, expect that they will "speak for themselves" (a common photographer oversight), and assume that you might be able to read between the lines and figure the story out for yourself.  So here's to sharing more stories and creating more meaning.

PS: I'll be sharing the story behind this photo soon :)