the season of jacarandas

For anyone who isn't all too familiar with the weather in LA, just know that we are notorious for not having seasons, especially compared to other parts of the US.  Our seasons include: hot, extremely hot, perfect, and a few months of chilly nights thrown in for good measure.

I'm only joking... kind of.  (but not really.)

There's a few times a year when nature does actually signal us that a new "season" (if-you-will) is approaching.  Whether it be an overabundance of pollen in the air or the classic gloomy June skies.  Right now at this particular moment, we're experiencing the season of jacarandas; the wonderful pastel purple flowering trees sprinkled all throughout the city.  Their petals fall in scattered puddles.  They lines the neighborhood streets like a scene from a botanical garden.  They make you stop and take ten instagram photos because you simply cannot get enough shots.  They are gorgeous.  Take my word for it or see for yourself.

So despite our lack of seasons, I'm thankful to have these gorgeous flowering trees accompany me through my day for a moment in time.

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