strip people of technology

Strip people of technology, see what's left.

I discovered this quote while aimlessly surfing Pinterest the other day, thanks to Rachel Wolchin.  It's a complete reality check.  In an age where we are constantly looking to define ourselves by how many followers, likes, views, etc we have, it's mind-boggling to think about how meaningless all of that would be if technology were to just suddenly disappear.

Of course it won't.  But these miscellaneous social media networks, apps, and platforms that become total time-suckers - well, those might definitely disappear. 

So what are you without the internet?  Who are you without the internet?

The internet is a crazy thing that's developed in a way we could have never guessed.  It's allowed friends to meet, lovers to unite, communities to grow, and creatives to share their work and viewpoints with the world.  Entrepreneurs have begun businesses, stores have been able to reach larger audiences.  It's incredible how much freedom and fulfillment it brings!

But the obsession with the internet has become a bit deafening.  We're unable to live outside of creating pretty pictures for our Instagram.  We can't stand in the grocery line without aimlessly checking Facebook.  We can't go through the day without wondering how many likes our latest photo got or how many new followers we gained.

It's amazing to have support and be well-liked, don't get me wrong!  But it almost feels as though we are crafting our lives around the internet.  So who are we really if technology is stripped from us?

Some of my absolute favorite moments in life have been times when I had no cell service, no internet connection, and no digital devices (other than a camera).  I felt so free; free of anxiety, free of stress, and full of life.  I just wanted to experience beautiful moments.  Those are the moments I cherish more than anything.  There's a reason why I love the outdoors and hiking so much.  It's because you get to see the beauty of the Earth while separating yourself from technology.  It's an automatic on/off switch.

Admittedly, I just posted a photo on Instagram before writing this post and since beginning I've checked Instagram three times already to see how many "likes" I received on my new image.  Three times in probably 10 minutes. 

We've allowed technology to take over us instead of utilizing it in healthy doses. 

Honestly I could write and talk for days on this topic. It's something that feels so controversial in my own head because I have such an intense love-hate relationship with technology and the internet - minus cameras, of course!  

I'm curious to know what you think: do you think technology has overtaken us?  If you were to be stripped of technology, what would be left?

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