Resolutions 2017

I know I said it last week, but I'm really not one for reflection and resolutions, mainly because I don't keep them and generally after February, I honestly forget about them.  But after growing so much mentally this year, I decided to take the time to ask myself what other areas of growth I wanted to achieve in 2017.  I was also largely inspired by Lavendaire's new journal and decided to focus on some of the topics she shares.  

There are far too many goals, and some too personal to share here, but I think this list is long enough for you to enjoy. :)  I'd love to hear some of your resolutions or any suggestions / ideas you may have based on my own list!

health goals

  • Continue meditating for at least 5mins a day
  • Write in my gratitude journal once a day
  • Write morning/evening pages as often as you can
  • Try EFT

relationship goals

  • Attend local meetup and networking events
  • Reach out / cold email other creatives and build new relationships
  • Find my tribe!
  • Create deeper, more meaningful relationships with current friends by getting dinner/drinks with 1 friend at least once a month

career goals

  • Continue evolving my photographic style
  • Reach out to brands I adore & want to shoot for
  • Revamp my stock shop
  • Make a calendar of little goals to achieve once a week (and make sure to celebrate each goal!)
  • Create a personal photo project and blog about it each month

personal growth goals

creative goals

  • Blog once a week
  • Finish my travel blog
  • Try one new creative endeavor (non-photography related) each month
    • calligraphy
    • poetry
    • floral arranging
    • watercolor
    • playing music
    • etc.!  Suggestions?

home goals

  • Declutter clothes & closets with the KonMari technique
  • Declutter computer desktop
  • Get to inbox zero (!!!)
  • Don't save piles of activities for later, deal with things immediately so that piles of mail or papers don't accumulate.

money goals

  • Create a new budget that works specifically for me & be adament about keeping it each month
  • Practice minimalism in mindset, money, and life
    • before I purchase something, think: "do I really need this?  Will this make my life better?"
  • Add money to my IRA

adventure goals

  • Go on one new adventure each month - a new hike, explore a new part of town, a new restaurant, or a full on road trip.
  • Travel internationally at least once
    • currently dreaming of: Japan, Scotland/Faroe Islands, Switzerland, New Zeland
  • Go on one hike a month, even if it's a little hike
  • Camp at Joshua Tree NP
  • Take at least 1 camping trip (other than Joshua Tree)
  • Travel domestically at least once

Here's to a healthy, happy, and adventurous 2017!  See you in the New Year :)