noticing the nuances

a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound

(according to google)

Recently I've been involved with several communities of wonderful photographers from around the world.  We've been sharing our work, tips, trick, and encouragement in such honest and sincere ways.  Reflecting on their work and my own has made me think...

Why are we photographers?

What makes our eye so unique or desired?

What drives us?

And though the answers could quite possibly be a million and a half things, a single universal idea is simply that we notice the nuances.

We notice the nuances of life, of love, of beauty, of exploration, of wisdom and delight.  We see forms of expression that reach out to us and demand our attention.

We capture memories, moments, the things and people we love.

These are the things that shape our art and drive us to capture.


(in the photo above - my beautiful friend Jamie at a recent photo meetup)

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