my secret hobby

Does anyone here have a secret hobby?  One that you do by yourself in moments when you need creative fulfillment or a mental outlet?  Maybe you're a painter, but you've never publicly shared your art.  Or maybe you're a musician, but you've never played for anyone other than your dog.

Secret hobbies are kind of the best thing ever.  They allow you to be creative without any form of consequences.  They allow you to be vulnerable without any critique.  We tend to put so much weight on our work and our art that sometimes it hinders us from being able to truly put out our best work.  Which is the greatest thing about a secret hobby -- it doesn't need to be your best work.  Not everyone needs to see every thing you create.  Allow yourself the chance to create something just for yourself.  Try a new art form if you dare!

For me, hand lettering is my secret hobby.  It's something I've never shared or probably even admitted that I do.  I love penmanship.  I love writing with different inks and creating words and sentences that visualize how they make me feel.

I'm a total newbie.

I can't even call myself a hand letterer.

But it's an art form I thoroughly enjoy.

I'm going to jump a bit outside of my comfort zone today and share some of my secret hobby with you.  All of these letters were created for myself -- either through inspirational quotes, lyrics, or words.  And all of these images are available either through the free stock image pack or in the store.

Hopefully this will encourage you to take on a secret hobby if you don't already have one.  And if you do, please tell me what yours is!

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