My Favorite Adventure Planning Tools

How is everyone doing?  To all of my fellow Americans, I hope you had a wonderful and safe July 4th.  Jesse and I unfortunately couldn't make it to the mountains for a trip thanks to work, but we're still working on training for the John Muir Trail in the meantime by hiking some killer peaks here in Southern California on the weekends.

Today I decided to put together a list of websites and resources that I personally use to plan my trips and adventures in hopes that they'll help you do the same!  I know everyone's got different tools that they cherish, so if you've got anything that you think I should check out, please let me know in the comments!

    Hiking & Backpacking

    • The Outbound Collective - search for awesome adventures and hikes at your destination
    • Hiking Project Website + App - a super fantastic website / app that records your hikes and helps you find local hikes.  The app is accessible offline if you download areas ahead of time (which I highly recommend).
    • Gaia GPS - a super powerful GPS tool that can save from you from getting lost.
    • All Trails - a great trail resource with reviews on popular trails
    • - a fantastic magazine + website that highlights various trips, packing ideas, and gear advice.
    • National Park websites - before heading to any national park, I always check the websites for advisories and information.  The park website is the best place to go for camping, hiking, and weather information.
    • Bearfoot Theory - an adventure travel blog by Kristen Bor with endless hikes and information.

    California Specific

    In General

    • Searching Pinterest for packing tips and location guides
    • Maintain a Pinterest board with ideas for upcoming trips (check out ours here)
    • Airbnb - local apartments / houses / dwellings for rent around the world
    • - local dormitory style rooms for rent around the world
    • Google Maps - create your own map for your trip (a detailed guide on this coming soon!)
    • Skyscanner - affordable airfare, hotel, and car rentals
    • Rome2Rio - an incredible website that helps you figure out how to get somewhere using public transportation (and how much it will cost!).
    • Nile Guide - a website with general guide book information on popular destinations
    • Lonely Planet - another general (yet popular) guide book website
    • Frommers - and another general guide book website

      Other Tools I know of But Haven't Used