go to the ocean

Beginning May with none other than my beloved Malibu.

I'd be lying if I said every image I've ever shot has fulfilled me.  Photography is one of those things where you've never done your best, or there is always something better you can create.  You get addicted trying to create your "favorite" image.  You'll have one favorite for a while and then suddenly one day you'll wonder why it was ever your favorite.  You'll create images you think are totally in line with how you perceive your future - the things you dream of shooting.  Then one day you'll be on a completely different path.

Photography is crazy, strange, and yet so thrilling.  I yearn for those moments when I think I've created at my best.  It might be months (maybe years) before I feel it, but it's totally worth it when I do.

This was one of those days.  This is exactly what I want to shoot.  Here's to more of this.

Model: Sarah Ann Masse
HMUA: Lauren Bencomo
Style: Vanessa Orriols
Flowers: Blanc Floral Design