finding yourself

The other day while driving I noticed a billboard that said something along the lines of, "life isn't about trying to find yourself, it's about trying to polish yourself."  Of course the billboard was for some kind of gym class, but it made me think none-the-less.  Our society focuses so much on finding yourself.  Where are you?  Where will you go?  What will you do?  But maybe we have already found ourselves.  We know where we are.  We don't know where we will go or what we will do simply because that is our story.  The part of the story that hasn't yet developed. But it doesn't need to be found.

We are a person who's shaped and modeled by our loves, fears, dreams, and our society.  Perhaps this shaping and molding is polish, finessing us into our next season of life.  We're never fully polished as long as we're alive.

Model: Flannery Underwood