to those who think they're not creative

Everyone is creative.  No matter how much you compare yourself to others and think you can't possibly be creative when there are creative masterminds running around the world -- you're wrong.  Everyone has a perspective, an opinion, a belief, a way of life, a way of thinking, an ambition, and an idea on how to achieve that ambition.  That is all you need to be creative.  To be human and to desire.

We create everyday.  Some of us express our creativity visually or audibly, while others relinquish their inner creative out of fear or disinterest to pursue their creativity further than their own head.

Creativity is beautiful and infinite.  It's an infectious personality that argues with you and loves you more than you could ever realize.

It's okay to withhold your creativity.  It's okay to not act on it.  But don't say you're not creative... because you are.

I'm in love with creativity -- how about you?

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